Blank Password Authorized Using Control Panel - User Accounts

Microsoft Windows

I have setup password requirments using the Local Security Policy on a
Windows XP SP 2 Standalone PC. When I create accounts using the
Adminstrative Tools I am forced to insert a password for new accounts however
when I use Control Panel and Select User Accounts I am not required to enter
a password. Is there a way to prevent Administrators from creating accounts
with blank passwords when they use the Control Panel and select the User
Accounts ICON?
On 6/04/2008, Johnny Mac posted this:

I wonder if a newsgroup dedicated to Windows XP or to security issues
or administrator issues might be able to help you.
Gene you have a good point. I will move this over to the Security Newsgroupl

Good luck - let's hope someone there knows!

On 6/04/2008, Johnny Mac posted this: