Clip board

Microsoft Windows

I used to be able to write click my mouse and have an option, copy to
clipboard, but I no longer see it!
I can't even fing the Clipboard any longer!
The command Ctrl+C copies the selected item to the Clipboard.
The command Ctrl+V pastes the clipboard to the position of the cursor.

The command Ctrl+X cuts the selected item. Ctrl+V then pastes the item at
the cursor.

On most program menus, the Edit menu has a cut, copy and paste item. All
three items work on the clipboard.
While I can still copy by highlighting what I want to and using the keyboard,
I want to be able to copy and paste again using my RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON!
Meaning right clicking and picking copy from there, but now when I right
click, nothing pops up. Help please? -_-
Where do you have this problem? A program? A web page?
EVERYTHING. Mostly on Webpages. :/
Did your mouse come with software that allows you to program the buttons?

I'm assuming you first left click and drag to highlight before you right
Nope. It worked fine until a few hours ago. :/ Some pop-up came up asking for
the site to see my clip baord so I said no (I figured it was one of those
things that are like when the site wants to see your flash files) and since
then, it hasn't worked.

And yeah, left click and drag to highlight then right click (Whcih is now
not working) to copy and paste.
Try restarting your PC. If that doesn't work do a System Restore to when it
was working.