Freezing TV with a Satellite signal from S-Video or Composite

Microsoft Windows

Hi I got Windows MCE2005 since 2 weeks now, and I try 2 differents capture
card such as: Haupauge WinTV 500 MCE and ADS Tech Instant TV PCI Deluxe.

Both of them have the same problem in "My TV" it's freezing on both with
S-Video or Composite.

I formated 2 times already, install Power DVD 5,6, WinDVD 5 , 6 and Nvidia
DVD Decoder still have the same problem.

I try also other programs like Beyond TV or Intervideo Home theater, TV is
ok with these 2 programs, but I would like to use the one that came with MCE

any suggestion would be very appreciated, because i'm about to throw MCE in
the garbage.

Thx a lot
Did you build your own system or did you buy a pre-integrated system from an
MCE OEM? If yes which model from which OEM?
If you built your own did you install the Hauppauge MCE drivers and not just
the regular windows drivers?
What video card and drivers are you using?
When you say its freezing on S-video and composite, do you mean its freezing
on s-video or composite input or output.
If output does it work correctly with your PC monitor?
I build it myself same as my friend who use regular cable Tv signal.

We have this config:

Intel Celron 2.6J (LGA 775)
Asus P5GD1-VM/GB
512 megs RAM
WD 80 gigs SATA
We use the onboard audio made by Soundmax and the onboard graphic card built
by Intel which is 915G

I mean tfreezing with S-Video or composite inputs.
My output goes through a ADS Elite XGA box which I can plug a regular VGA
cable to the PC and the output is S-video to the input of the TV.

Like I said my friend as the same configuration except that he use the
Haupauge WInTV 500 MCE with the latest drivers from Haupauge website and I
use the ADST TEch Instant TV PCI deluxe with the drivers include on the CD I
tried to updates the drivers but Windows doesn't want to take them, even if I
force it.

I'm about to change this capture card but I tried the MCE 500 of my friend
and it's still freezing.
Make sure that your video chip is allocated 64MB of memory in your BIOS and
check the Intel Web site to make sure you have the latest MCE drivers for
your 915 chip.
Hum I cannot allocate more than 32 Megs.

But there is an option in the BIOS saying that if needed it will use more
than 32 megs of memory, but I can't control that

That strange what your asking ,because like I siad my friend the same config
and doesn't have this problem, except that he use the Tuner input instead of
S-Video or COmposite.

Oh and yes I got the latest drivers from Intel website made for MCE
I do not believe that your TV card is supported by MCE and that there are
MCE drivers for it in addition to the normal windows drivers.
Check the vendors Web site if it does not say that the card can be used with
MCE or if there are no MCE drivers for it then you need to get a supported
tuner card like the one your friend has.
You need 64MB for MCE 2005. Perhaps a BIOS update will increase the amount of
memory that can be pre-allocated?