From my Comp to TV

Microsoft Windows

I have my MCE going, well pretty good. I have all Compliant Parts, and the
Media Center itself works good, only on the Comp Monitor though. I want to
try it out on a bigger screen which is the ultimate goal. I have followed
directions, I have S-Video out from Radeon Video Card. I know this is not a
technical break down, but really Its wonderfull on the monitor. Next step
TV, I really have never done this ever. They have always been separate
entitys to me. I would think that if If I got as far as I have to the TV
should be not that far off and even if something was off as well as it looks
on monitor even if It did come out crappy on TV one would think it would be
there. No?

Not Problimatic At All,
Once you enable clone mode (might be called duallink or linkview or
something silly like that on the new ATI drivers), make sure you also
set up MCE to output to your TV.

Your television will look best when fed a resolution of 720x480. If you
run through the "configure your display" wizard and select "Svideo"
then it will change to this resolution every time MCE runs.