How to stop Live TV recording?

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I have a quality problem when I'm using Live TV. I think that the recording
function of Live TV is the problem. Is there a way to disable the recording
when watching Live TV?

FYI: I mean the automatic recording of Live TV to be able to PAUSE,... Live

Still no, it's an inherant part of the Media Center function.
The odd thing is that it is such a fundamental thing within MCE 2005. But if
you are watching a program that you think is good, and then decide to record
it, will MCE let you use the recording that it has to form a recording of the
program from the start? Fat chance!

Anyone know if this feature is provided in Vista?
In regards to your question about Vista and recording of buffer content, the
answer is no.

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Agreed, it seems like a fairly simple bit of code to allow you to either
rewind LiveTV back and start the recording or have the system ask you (when
you hit Record), "Keep all buffered program?" or something to that effect.