MCE 2005 and PVR-500MCE

Microsoft Windows

Can someone please help me.

Just got a PVR-500MCE to replace a PVR-350 which worked fine.

I uninstalled the PVR-350, restarted the PC and installed the PVR-500MCE

I then installed the drivers (latest from website, same as CD) for both
tuners and right at the end of the installation, I get a windows error about
"Windows media receiver service has performed an illegal operation"

and a "svidctl system broadcast message receiver: ehrecvr.exe- application

the exception privileged instruction.

(0xc0000096) occured in the application at location 0x1d213e26"

The installation finishes normally and I get the "installation finished
successfully" message

But everytime I load MCE, the same error will appear and if I try to go to
live tv or setup, MCE says it cannot find the tuner or that it is not
properly installed.

Also, browsing the files provided in the, I found a utility
called AmCap DX9. I started the program and I can see live TV on both tuners,
and at the same time if I open the program twice. I guess that means the
tuners is properly installed and working.

Can someone please help me as this MCE upgrade has turned into a headache!

I also tried using the Hauppauge utility to clear old drivers and installed
the card again after rebooting. I even tried using a different PCI slot.

Why is MCE so complicated? This is just supposed to be an upgrade with a
certified component, and a WHQL driver.

Don't bother with the drivers on the cd. Good chance they may be out of
date already.

Go here for the latest available drivers.

Install the drivers ONLY (nothing from the CD) and try it again (ie run
through the TV signal setup, and EPG setup)