Shrinking TV Recordings

Microsoft Windows

I have recorded several programs from TV but when I want to burn a DVD, I find what I recorded won't fit a single DVD. Does anyone know what software I can use to shrink the recording to make it fit to a single DVD
Thanks !
You have a couple of alternatives.

The simplest is to use your DVD authoring program to create an image file on
your hard disk that is larger than will fit on a DVD. Then use DVDshrink to
reduce the size. There will be a little loss of quality but it should be pretty

More time consuming is to use a DVD authoring program that will allow you to cut
your file into smaller portions that will fit on DVD. You could also use the
DVR-MS Ripper from to extract MPEG2 files then use an
MPEG2 editing program like Womble or TMPGEnc followed by importing the resultant
files into the DVD authoring program of our choice.
I used DVD shrink, and then Recordnow to copy the files to DVD. Where before, I had a DVD Menu, I no longer do. The DVD starts playing immediately, and I have no option to choose the other shows on the disc. Does anyone know what part of the MYDVD is the Menu?