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On my daughter's laptop it had the Norton virus protection program installed
with a free period of use. My daughter is 19 although uses the programs well
does nno computer maintenance and I don't think really knows how. She didn't
want nortons, didn't turn it off but downloaded AVG free protection. Most of
the teenagers use this and find it is very good. However in the top tool
bard the Norton symbol is on and also says Phishin Protection Expired. She
still has the program in the system. Should it be deleted through
Add/Remove programs. Should AVG be turned off during this process or left
untouched and just delete the Nortons program and re-start the computer.
Please advise.
You should use add remove programs to remve norton antivirus if it has
already expired and there should be no issues with AVG antivirus.

You may need the symantec cleanup utility, please keep th efollowing link
handy just incase you need it
I would say the OP MUST use the Symantec uninstall utility. Norton security
products have a reputation for not uninstalling completely otherwise.
thanks, showed this to my daughter and with our inexperience she wants it
left alone so we don't upset its current smoothe operations. As our
operations is basic (though I understand a little more) please advise what to
do. I would normally go to the Add/Remove section and select the Nortons
item then remove. But you say it can often not uninstall properly. Would
any problems occur if I download this site you refer to and
what steps should I follow. Also we have the same problem on a new Vista
computer we bought. Accidentally activated the Nortons trial as it was
annoyingly popping up. Would this still do for that computer too. This site
by the way is excellent for beginners to learn how to manage their computers
better. Thanks muchly.
Go to

Here it is in TinyURL form:

and follow their instructions.