what edition

Microsoft Windows


Have a new pc installed with windows xp media centre edition
the stickers on the case say it edition 2005 (coa)
but when i right click my computer and go on properties it says its 2002

is this correct, or what is correct

That is correct the 2002 is the XP OS, if you go to MCE setting it will say

thabnks for that i looked in settings but could not find it , could you tell
me exactly how i get to it

its here Settings > General > About Media Center > Software Version
and if you can give me the number that will tell if you are up to date.
IF you are up to date the number sould be 5.1.2715.3011
thanks very much for your help
the same as you quoted is that coorect
Good you are up to date Steve.

i have another quick question ,
when you try to remove media from media centre, it says it will be deleted
from the pc , unlike the media player where it gives you the option to remove
or delete, is there a way round this
Steve whats the number ?
the numbers the same as the one you quoted

is that the most up to date
Probably more then you ever wanted to know,
Type MSINFO32 on the start-run line and hit enter,
Click to expand Software Environment
Expand Running tasks and Loaded modules.